Top 5 Outdoor Business Sign Ideas to Boost Sales

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Have you incorporated outdoor business signs into your company’s marketing strategy? If not, it’s time to find an outdoor sign that sets you apart from your competitors and boosts your sales.

All businesses must promote their brand to the public. The Carolina Signsmith believes outdoor business signage is a simple yet compelling way to visually impact potential customers. In this post, we’ll provide five examples of outdoor business sign ideas and explain why they will make all the difference in your marketing strategy.

Why are Commercial Outdoor Business Signs Important?

They are the first line of communication between your company and customers. Signage is an easy way to introduce your company professionally and engage customers, which helps your company thrive. Choosing an outdoor business sign that reinforces who your company is and what you do will make your company stand out from your competitors.

1.      Commercial Building Signs

Commercial building signs provide companies with an essential marketing strategy: visibility. By strategically placing an outdoor business sign in a high-visibility area, people walking or driving by are invited to do business with you before they even set foot on your premises. The more visibility your company receives, the more likely your sales will increase.

Commercial business signs are available in various forms, such as lit signs, three-dimensional lettering, or a branded canopy. The Carolina Signsmith will make sure that you find a commercial building sign that is perfect for your company’s marketing intentions.

2.      Custom Wall Graphics

Does your work environment have dull walls or cracked paint? If you’re a business owner that has plenty of wall space, picture the walls as a blank canvas waiting for artwork. Add a splash of color to your business with a mural or custom graphic and transform the walls into an advertising tool.

By adding a mural, you will enhance the environment, boost your brand, impress your guests, and increase employees’ creativity.

3.      Monument Signs

Picture yourself driving into a new city, and you know you’ve made it because of the “Welcome to North Carolina” sign waiting for you. It’s beautiful, impactful, and informative. Nothing is stopping you from having the same effect on your customers.

Choosing an outdoor monument sign is both impressive and professional, and it leaves a long-standing, positive impact on your community. Show your customers that you are willing to invest in your own business’s outdoor signs, which will motivate them in turn.

Like any other type of signage, size and material vary based on your design needs. The Carolina Signsmith will help discover what is best for your monument outdoor business sign.

4.      Office Door Signs

As The Carolina Signsmith says, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Designing your business’s front door to match your brand doesn’t leave your customer’s impression to chance. Provide a positive customer experience before they step in the front door. Also, if you provide all the important information upfront, it is more likely for prospects to become paying customers.

5.      LED Signs

When deciding on an outdoor business sign option, it is important to consider your business model in relation to the rest of the community. If your business is environmentally conscious, aims to portray a bright, fresh feel to its customers, or needs a sign that can attract customers both day and night, LED signs are an excellent option.

LED signs are not only a fun, retro-themed style of signage. They also feature high-efficiency, low-energy LED bulbs that value sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Choose The Carolina Signsmith for Your Commercial Outdoor Business Signs

When it comes to high-quality customer service and signage materials, you want to go with a signage company you can trust. That means working with a team of experts who will take your needs seriously. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Our team of experts will guide you from start to finish and take all your input into account.

Contact The Carolina Signsmith to discuss outdoor business signs today.

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