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For businesses that don’t operate out of a designated storefront, for the majority of their customer interactions, it can be difficult to achieve the same level of brand-name recognition as brick-and-mortar operations. If you don’t get seen, you won’t be remembered. It’s as simple as that. But with all those hours logged on the road or parked at job sites, there are lots of potential markets that you gain exposure to which may have otherwise been left untapped. If you’re in the trades or provide a mobile service, trailer wraps are one of the best options for building up the name of your business while gaining exposure to new customers.

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What are Trailer Wraps and Graphics?

Essentially, trailer wraps and graphics are a type of custom signage developed to perfectly fit the dimensions of your vehicles and mobile storage units. First, picture the most beautiful promotional poster that you can – one that perfectly portrays your brand’s logo, title, and aesthetic design. Now picture it perfectly dressed around the curves and edges of your work trailer in a way that accentuates the effects of this poster. That’s a custom trailer wrap.

Typically, these wraps are composed of vinyl. This material makes the finished product durable and easy to clean while also displaying your desired promotional design in perfect quality. After carefully cleaning the surface of the vehicle, the wrap is separated from its protective liner and treated with an application fluid to ensure that it forms a strong bond with the vehicle surface.

Unlike signs, banners, and flags (all of which are easily swallowed up by the background in highly commercialized areas), a professional-grade graphic decal provides a pleasant pop of colour at a moment when your customers are least expecting it.

What to Expect from Your Trailer Wrap Company in Greensboro

When searching for trailer wraps in Greensboro, you shouldn’t have to cut any corners. A qualified graphic company like The Carolina Signsmith will ensure that the design meets all your expectations before embarking on the installation process. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art design tools and have years of experience using vinyl material to bring customer vehicles to life.

Depending on the size, shape, and specifics of your desired wrap, the process of applying it to your trailer can take up to a few days. When it comes to the type of vehicles eligible for a graphic decal, the sky’s the limit. Custom trailer wraps and graphics can be successfully applied to a wide range of vehicles, including:

Walmarts Grease Fuel Truck in Greensboro - The Carolina Sign Smith

With proper application and routine maintenance, these beautiful custom wraps will turn your vehicle or trailer into an effective mobile billboard for years to come.

Creating high-quality promotional signs for any and all customers is the foundation of The Carolina Signsmith. Over many years, we have finely-tuned our processes to ensure that we’re ahead of the game when it comes time to produce your signage.

Check out The Carolina Signsmith today to learn more about how we can turn your vehicle into an effective mobile billboard with our high-quality vinyl trailer wraps!