Monument Signs: How They Lead Customers to Your Business

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Monument signs are everywhere! Business owners the world over use these conspicuous pieces of signage anywhere they need to create an impact. You, too, can do the same. Maybe you’ve seen those awe-inspiring structures at the entryways of churches, corporate facilities, commercial complexes, and schools that proudly display the business’s name. These monumental pieces of signage are among the most effective ways to lead customers to your doorstep and leave a long-term impact on your community.

As the name implies, sizeable outdoor signs can dramatically affect your branding and change things for the better. It may entail some significant investment in the beginning, but when you think long term, monument signs are worth the investment. Like any other type of signage, monument signs can vary in size and design, depending on your needs. Some of the popular materials used today are the following:

Wood and stone are perhaps the oldest types of building materials. They are still being used today, but authentic wood and stone masonry can be expensive and impractical, although not necessarily undesirable.  Wood has a tendency to warp and rot faster outdoors, making it expensive to maintain. Business owners who like the old-fashioned appeal of wood but not its unreliability opt for foam. The Carolina Signsmith in Greensboro offers metal or plastic facing for your foam signs to give them a wood-like finish, or whatever type of finish your sign requires.

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What Monument Signage Can Do for You

Business signage covers both the internal and external signs found in and around your commercial building. Why not make the first sign that your visitors come across the most visually impactful? Placing an architectural monument sign by your doorway creates an impressive and professional appearance for those entering and exiting the building.

Every company should consider investing in this versatile and functional type of signage. The Carolina Signsmith is a professional monument sign company with years of knowledge behind them. Our team can help you design a personalized monument sign to take your business to the next level.

Originally, signs were once mainly used to provide directions. Today, they double as marketing materials to bring attention to a business and drive in sales. Below is a list of what an impressive monument sign from The Carolina Signsmith can do for your organization. 

Due to their sheer size, monument signs are easily seen. This is why it’s key to get them professionally designed and fabricated. Our architectural design experts at The Carolina Signsmith always take the time to inspect your location to determine the right size and placement for your monument sign.

Let’s discuss how monuments can impact your company and eventually result in sales. Call The Carolina Signsmithtoday at 336-967-7446 for a free consultation with a Monument Sign Specialist!

Catch People’s Attention

If you want to catch people’s attention and make a bold statement in your business, using outdoor monument signs is the perfect way to do so. You can create a great first impression on your customers and clients that will last for years to come. This makes them more likely to come back to you in the future or recommend you to others.

Advertise Your Brand

You can use monument signs for business advertising purposes as a permanent marketing tool outside your building. This investment adds years of free marketing thereafter. Every time someone passes by your store or office, they will note your brand name and logo. 

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Outdoor monument signs stand tall and proud on the exterior of your property, and they need to be durable and weather-resistant. They, therefore, must be made of hardy materials. Commonly, they are made using wood, stone, concrete, marble, or a combination of each of these. Many companies choose multiple materials for their monument signs to add a creative and unique touch to the design.

Investing in custom monument signs means you can use your unique brand colors. You may also want to include additional information like your slogan or brand message. If you have specific promotions or sales you want to emphasize to your customers, you can detail them on your personalized monument signs.

Outdoor monument signs can be manufactured into several different shapes of all sizes. You can choose to have a larger sign to impact your visitors, or you can opt for a smaller, sleeker design. Either way, monument signs can display confidence and credibility and create a stronger presence for your business.

For high-quality, professional monument sign services, get in touch with the expert team at The Carolina Signsmith today. We can help you create customized monument signs for your business to enhance your marketing efforts and boost your sales. 

Create Impressive Entryways with Monument Signs

Regardless of niche, all businesses can reap the manifold benefits a monument sign can give. If you happen to own the property upon which your office building is built, you have the opportunity to impress both your staff and customers with a driveway adorned with eye-catching monument signage.

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Multi-Tenant Monument Signage

Multi-tenant signage is often some kind of tall cabinet sign supported by one or two poles and is most common at malls and commercial complexes that house several businesses. Often, these signs are made of plastic and illuminated, but some can be digitally programmed to display information on an outdoor LED display.

A Monument Sign for Every Budget in greensboro

You don’t have to be an expert designer to have a vision for your signage, but if you’re not sure, we will listen to your needs and goals and take it from there. We carry a variety of high-quality materials for you to choose from, so you always have options to fit your design and budget.

Our monument signs are not only durable, attractive, and weather-resistant, but they are also effective in leading people to your business and increasing sales.

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For custom-made monument signs that effectively reach your target market, businesses in Greensboro can trust The Carolina Signsmith.

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Monument signs are very popular, but they can vary quite a bit in size and scope. Because of this, the price varies as well. Materials that are used also affect the final cost. For the most accurate price, including a breakdown of materials and timing, contact us for a quote today! 

High-density urethane and/or expanded polystyrene are shaped and sculpted according to the design of your monument. Depending on what your final design is, we can add various finishes to the foam core such as synthetic stucco to make the sign look like concrete. Other finishes can make your sign look like brick, stone, or wood. The main body of your foam monument sign will be attached to a solid base of concrete to keep firmly in place. 

The best materials for monument signs are those that are weather-resistant and long-lasting. Metal signs last the longest; brass lasts the longest of all metals; and aluminum is not far behind. It all depends on where your sign will be put up and how exposed to the elements they will be. 

There are many types of monument signs available. Some of the most common include options that utilize LEDs, metal, foam, stone, and/or brick. Just let our team know what you will be using the monument sign for, and we can come up with a list of recommendations for your team. 

Monument signs can take anywhere from two weeks to six weeks, depending on the signs’ size, style, and quantity. But it really depends on your project. Most projects are custom, so no two timetables are alike. For the most accurate speed, contact us for a quote today!