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Empty walls are okay. Freshly-painted walls are better. Walls with personality are the best. If you are a business owner in Greensboro and have plenty of blank walls in your business space, then you have a gold mine of rent-free ad spaces that you can use to grow your company with the help of colorful wall graphics.

Use this opportunity to convert the walls of your office or retail outlets into formidable advertising tools with branded wall murals and graphics from The Carolina Signsmith, Greensboro. Our adept visual communications experts are ready to assist you in case you are interested in tapping into the rich potential of your interior. Here are some of the beneficial effects of vinyl wall murals and graphics:

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Wall Murals and Graphics by The Carolina Signsmith in Greensboro

Cracked paint and dull interiors will leave a negative impression on your clients and will definitely affect your employees’ moods. Spruce up your premises by installing custom vinyl wallpaper murals and graphics that communicate your values and give your brand a voice. Don’t worry if you don’t already have a design in mind. That’s the job of our graphic design experts. We will help bring out your creative side so you can showcase your company’s best offers and get your message across to your audience.

The vinyl materials we offer The Carolina Signsmith are digitally-printed with high-quality ink for images that look bright and life-like. If you prefer a frosted or stained glass appearance for your glass walls and windows, we have that type of service, too. Frosted glass and perforated vinyl wraps are a perfect solution if you want to add some privacy while conveying an important message.

The custom wall murals & graphics we offer at The Carolina Signsmith are great for:

Types of Wall Murals


Like the old-fashioned wallpapers your grandmother used to decorate your mother’s room, the wallpapers we use now add some splash of patterns and colors to any room. The only difference is that they are digitally-printed and done on a vinyl material. You can opt for almost any design, color, and pattern to achieve the look and finish you desire. You can choose to cover one side of any room to highlight an area or complement an existing interior design.

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Full Wall Murals

Full wall murals are designed to give a unique appearance to any room. They cover a majority, if not all, of the walls just like a traditional paint job. Some businesses choose this option when they want to repaint their walls but do not like to go through the process of removing old paint, cleaning the surface, and waiting for the paint to dry. For advertising purposes, murals can be printed with your company logo, name, tagline, or latest product offers.

Wall Decals

Like wall graphics, decals are smaller pieces of artwork that you can adhere to your walls to display a message. They can be used in restaurants to show guests the way to the washroom, share quotes that resonate with your customers, or photos of customers enjoying your popular products.

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Businesses and homeowners in Greensboro can trust The Carolina Signmsith for high-quality wall murals and graphics. We always take time to speak with each of our clients, assess their physical location, and listen to their ideas to determine the best design for their spaces, so they know that they will get something spectacular. Our experienced visual advertising experts will then bring your ideas to life using top-notch vinyl materials and the latest in digital printing technology. You will get vividly colorful graphics and murals that breathe life into any room.

Call The Carolina Signsmith today at 336-967-7446 to speak with a wall graphics expert and get a free consultation in Greensboro!

frequently asked questions

Instead of leaving the interior “real estate” of walls, doors, and windows, a variety of wall graphics are a popular and affordable way to present your logo, branding, promotional uses, and other marketing messages. From vinyl to decals, the types of wall graphics are varied enough to meet your specific needs.

One great aspect of wall graphics is the ability to change them frequently or to leave them up as long as you desire. Depending on the materials used, indoor wall graphics will provide a long-term return on investment.

Proper installation is important for getting the most from your wall graphics and preventing possible damage to the underlying surface. Fortunately, the process is easy and, with the assistance of our team, most graphics are made to adhere by removing a protective backing. Some wall decals take a bit more planning.

There are a lot of factors to consider in the answer to this question. Certain true decals (instead of vinyl graphics) are made to last for extended periods and may create a problem when removed. However, most wall decals are easy to remove without damage if they are installed properly on a clean and prepared surface.

When you work with the materials and options we recommend at The Carolina Signsmith, the wall graphics and decals are designed to be removable according to your signage plan and requirements.

Many customers are excited about the flexibility of vinyl wall graphics. These are created in any variety of colors, sizes, designs, and messages to provide seasonal or promotional signage that is easily removed and replaced as needed. The graphics “cling” to the wall or glass surface and are easily removed without damaging the surface.

Our team at The Carolina Signsmith will be pleased to show you the almost limitless ways wall graphics will meet your specific requirements. We have installed effective and attention-grabbing graphics on interior walls, windows, doors, and other surfaces to fulfill a wide range of purposes.

As noted in the above answers, wall graphics are an extremely flexible, affordable, and impactful method of communicating your marketing message, bringing attention to promotions, and delivering solid results.

While the final cost of any graphic will depend on its size, design, and materials, you will be amazed at the affordability of even the most stunning wall graphics.

Certain graphics are usable outside, especially on windows. The type of weather and other issues are factors, and we can discuss your specific needs to determine the suitability for outside use.

To discuss these questions in more detail or to cover any subject related to wall graphics or signs, call or click today and our experienced team is ready to help.