General Signage FAQ's

Yes. Maintaining your brand identity, regardless of the style of sign you acquire, is one of the marketing methods we’re familiar with that have been proved beneficial for many types of organizations.

We love collaborating with our clients! We guarantee that our creation will meet your expectations. The final product will be constructed using the information you provided. So, when you share information with us, we ask that you be as specific as possible. 

There are several factors that affect the durability and longevity of signs – the amount of time your sign spends in direct sunlight, how near your sign is to streets, whether your sign is made of vinyl or is printed digitally, and many more.   

To help you fulfill your advertising goals, we make high-quality signs for our valued customers. Depending on the type of sign, the turnaround process could take at least 2-4 weeks. We’ll be informing you if the production will be earlier or later than expected. 

Each sort of sign has a unique method for promoting businesses. With the assistance of our sign specialists, decide what matches your overall branding.   

Some types of signage appear to be more expensive than others because of the premium materials used in their construction. Please feel free to provide us with a range of your budget so that we can offer some solutions to meet it. 

The kind of maintenance a sign requires depends on its kind and its location. However, may it be big or small, illuminated or not, make it a monthly routine of checking the condition of your sign – to see if it needs fixing to be done.  

Signs are those things that you usually see on highways, at the mall, subdivisions, and industrial areas. Literally, signs are everywhere! They are being used as a communication tool between institutions and the public. 

There are different categories of signs that could help you stand out from your competitors right away! The Carolina Signsmith offers Outdoor Signs, Indoor Signs, Vehicle Wraps, Custom Signs, and Trade Show Displays. 

For most companies, a sign is set to be an expense at first and likely to be an asset in the long run. It will eventually help the company boost their sales and convert potential customers.