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Staying visible is crucial to success. Brick-and-mortar businesses in Greensboro that intend to drive traffic to their physical locations and increase sales need to make it easy for people to find their location. As businesses continue to transition to digital formats of advertising and sales, there is an expanding opportunity for savvy business owners to take advantage of more traditional advertising methods — especially since innovative new practices are revamping them.

Outdoor commercial building signs are one of the most effective ways to point potential customers to your business establishment, making them the first thing people come to learn about your company. The way they appear, therefore, will likely influence people’s first impression of your brand. By investing in a company specializing in creating high-quality interior and exterior promotional signage, your Greensboro business will rapidly improve its chances of improving brand recognition and profits.

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What Are Commercial Building Signs

Outdoor building signs are used on various commercial structures to provide pedestrians, commuters, and other people in the surrounding area with important branding and informative content. These exterior building signs are strategically placed so they are highly visible and can grab the attention of passersby with ease. These signs feature more durable material than their indoor counterparts because of extended exposure to the elements and increased likelihood of damage.

Types of Building Signs

When it comes time to choose the right outdoor building signs for businesses, there are various options available to owners and operators. Depending on the nature of the industry and the company’s unique branding, these types of signs can be used individually or in combination to produce optimal results. Below are some of the most popular forms of external building signage we provide at The Carolina Signsmith:

Best Building Signs in Greensboro


Among the most popular types of building signs we see are wall signs, and it is easy to see why. Wall signs are about as classic as it gets and part of what makes them so popular in the first place. Customize this signage to complement the color and texture of your building’s façade and overall architecture. Outside building signs like this allow for a unique appeal that will set your business apart from the rest.


Channel and dimensional letters both make it to the list of top favorites simply because they make your business pop out, literally. These three-dimensional signs are raised from a mounting surface; their thickness can vary depending on the materials used, your goals, and your preference. These signs are chosen for their durability and customizability. Exterior letters for buildings are so popular because they can be implemented using various building materials and lighting systems to make them pop out from the wall.


Lighted or illuminated signs are perfect for businesses that operate 24/7 or want to increase visibility even after sunset. They can be mounted on your building’s façade or roof and illuminated in various ways for maximum exposure. Recently, the use of backlit building signage has exploded in popularity as businesses continue to acknowledge and adopt the benefits of custom lighted sign solutions.


Exterior hanging signs come in various shapes and sizes. They can also differ in how they’re suspended or mounted on your exterior walls. Typically, these signs are positioned perpendicular to the flow of traffic. The Carolina Signsmith can custom design your projected signs or blade signs to entice passersby to enter your business. Wood, metal, and HDU are some of the most widely used materials for these signs. You can have them illuminated or non-illuminated, but if you do business after sundown at all, we highly recommend illuminated outdoor building signage.


Commonly found in hotels and restaurants, branded canopy and awning signs are perhaps among the most versatile marketing tools you can get your hands on. This is a perfect option for business owners who want to protect their storefront and intensify their marketing game simultaneously. This type of signage is often made of canvas, but we have other custom options if you need additional materials.

The Right Building Sign for Your Business in Greensboro

As The Carolina Signsmith from Greensboro, we understand what it takes to make a compelling sign for your local business. We want you to have building signs that accurately represent your brand’s personality and the unique deliverables your business offers. First impressions last, and we firmly stand by this belief. So, before people even get a chance to set foot inside your premises, encourage them to come in and do business with you through the use of professional-looking exterior signage.

With the number of materials and designs to choose from, getting the right building sign for your business can be tricky. For this reason, signage experts consider the following factors:

  • Your precise location within the community
  • The suitability of your building for exterior signage
  • The number and strength of competitors in the area
  • Your brand’s personality and unique deliverables
  • The desired target audience for your content
  • What your budgetary constraints are
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The Best Sign Company Near Me

If you are looking for a local sign maker in Greensboro that can expertly design, manufacture, and install results-driven outdoor signs, The Carolina Signsmith is your best bet. Using only top-of-the-line materials and sophisticated installation methods, we make sure every project aptly represents your brand and draws in more customers to your business. Our suite of exterior business signage services will allow you to choose the precise option that best fits your business profile, goals, and current standing within the community.

As a reliable local sign company in Greensboro, The Carolina Signsmith takes care of everything for you to ensure you get the highest-quality office building signs while you take care of other important business matters. We always take the time to inspect your location and see how much space you have for a sign. This allows us to help you choose the materials and design most suited for capturing your target audience’s attention.

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