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Top 7 Benefits of Advertising Your Business with a Trailer Wrap

Are you finding advertising difficult for your mobile service or trades business? When businesses don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, creating a brand name can be tricky. We have just the creative solution for you: trailer wraps!

The Carolina Signsmith knows the time trucks spend on the road and parked at rest stops is valuable and can provide the advertising exposure that you need.  In this post, we’ll provide the top seven reasons for why you should use trailer wraps to advertise your business.

1.      Exposure of Your Business

The hours logged by your dedicated drivers on the road and at rest stops are crucial to your business. Why not use the time to advertise your business as well? Access markets that you didn’t know were possible by always exposing customers to your business.

2.      Customization of Trailer Wraps

Imagine designing the perfect promotional graphic that captures your business’s logo, purpose, contact information, and aesthetic. Now, take that graphic and imagine it customized perfectly to the size and shape of your work trucks. That’s a custom trailer wrap: eye-catching and a perfect emblem for your business.

3.      Durability

They are made with vinyl, which ensures the finished product will withstand the elements. They are also very simple to clean. By taking good care of it, the graphic’s picture-perfect quality will remain intact for approximately seven years.  

4.      It’s Fun

Work trucks are a common sight in highly commercialized areas and on long stretches of highways. By adding a business trailer wrap, your work trucks would be fun and captivating. This pop of color would stand out among signs, banners, and flags, which are traditionally used for advertising.

5.      Size of Advertisement

They are HUGE! By using work trucks, it’s like having a billboard on wheels. The bigger the advertising method, the more likely potential customers will see it. The size also allows for more information to be included in the graphic without it looking too busy.

6.      Cost-efficient

They are less expensive and more cost-efficient than a billboard. Your business reaps the benefit of a billboard-sized advertisement without the cost or fixed location.

7.      Variety in Advertisements

Trailer wraps are catered to the size of your work trucks, which allows for variety in your graphic decals. Depending on whether your work trucks are driven locally or out-of-state or vary in size, your graphic advertisements can be designed to target potential customers more directly.

We know advertising can be tricky. Take advantage of your mobile business model by benefiting from custom trailer wraps.

Choose The Carolina Signsmith for Your Trailer Wraps

Opting to install a trailer wrap is a big decision, so take a load off by working with our experts. We are equipped with state-of-the-art design tools and have years of experience working with vinyl. Let us help you bring your design to life.

Contact The Carolina Signsmith about business trailer wraps today.

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