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When it comes to the world of advertising and promotional signage, there’s one style that sits at the pinnacle: monument signs. Just like the name suggests, these business ambassadors will provide you with a monumental advantage over competitors. More than just a simple billboard, these architecturally developed marketing materials signal to clients and customers that your business is confident, well-equipped, and built to last.

What is a Monument Sign?

Most people think monument signs are reserved for government buildings, historical sites, places of worship, college campuses, or enterprise corporations, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Monument signage is suitable for any business with the capacity for solid, beautifully designed promotional material that acts as an extension of your brand.

These advertising structures are built directly into the ground and will require the use of tradespeople and an architect. While this may seem like a lot of resources for a sign, business monuments are highly customizable and can be constructed to match or complement the exterior of your commercial building for brand congruence.  Common materials used by monument sign companies include lumber, brick, cement, foam, and even wrought iron. Once constructed, your brand image, logo, and tag line can be directly imprinted into your sign using metal or plastic facing to provide the perfect blend of marketing and structural design.

Benefits of Monument Signage

These beautiful outdoor signs offer a host of benefits for your business, from staking your claim in the community to promoting a confident, successful brand. From durability to curb appeal, this sign option is ideal if you want to make a big statement for your business.

Structurally Sound

An obvious benefit of these engineered signs is the durability and strength that they are built to provide. Unlike other types of signage, the building and masonry materials used while constructing monument signs ensure that they will perform their essential marketing service for years to come.

Command Attention

There’s a reason that large corporations and institutions invest in monument signage for their commercial properties — they command attention. The intricate building process and quality materials used in their construction yield products that are more than just effectively promotional; they’re magnificent structures in their own right. Architects have known for centuries that the human eye is attracted to intricate, symmetrical patterns, so by investing in a monument sign, you are doubling the effectiveness of your marketing effort.

Highly Customizable

Depending on the commercial property where you run your business, it’s possible to create an architectural monument sign that matches its exterior. From brick style and trim to paint color and accents, these structures allow you to customize the material of the sign itself in addition to the promotional messaging.

If you’re interested in achieving a more professional-looking business with your custom promotional material, check out The Carolina Signsmith to learn more about how a monument sign is right for you!

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