Pylon Signs – How to Make Them Work Magic for Your Business

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There’s no doubt about it; we live in the era of promotion. And while digital advertising is becoming more and more popular, you just can’t beat the effectiveness of physical marketing material. The issue of promoting all of your businesses, especially if you’re the owner of a commercial shopping center or plaza, must be appropriately addressed. While billboards, banners, and flags are often the first to come to mind when thinking about custom signage, a pylon sign in Greensboro provides your business with a versatile, creative, and visible solution for your marketing needs. Here’s how they can work magic for your business!

What is a Custom Pylon Sign?

Now before you get images of a fluorescent orange cylinder with a sign taped to the top, we’ll stop you right there; that’s not the kind of pylon we’re talking about. Pylon signs are the name for the tall structure you see near the entrance to your local shopping center or plaza. They are designed to list all of the different businesses that operate out of the same building or commercial compound. Pylon sign companies create these structures so that business names can easily be switched out during transition periods.

Custom pylon signs need to be head and shoulders above the rest of the promotional material in the area so that customers can identify the business they are looking for with ease. Especially given the crowded shopping centers that are all across the country, your local pylon sign company provides an invaluable service.

How Do I Effectively Apply My Pylon Sign

If you own, manage, or operate a commercial office space or plaza, you’re no doubt aware of the difficulties your tenants may experience with getting customers into their business. First, they have to locate the property itself amidst a maze of other locations; then, they need to verify that the business they are looking for is actually in the plaza. Without a custom pylon sign to help navigate, it’s no wonder why these commercial areas can struggle to attract customers.

But, by demarcating your establishment with a traffic-facing pylon sign, you’ve made the customer experience much less frustrating by clearly identifying all businesses within your space. These signs also make it easier for customers to see if they can cut their shopping time by frequenting businesses within the same area, an added perk that’s sure to keep your tenants and their customers happy!

If you’re tired of searching “pylon sign near me” in Google to try and solve promotional issues with your commercial business center, reach out to The Carolina Signsmith today to learn more about how our pylon signs are the perfect solution!

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