6 Truck Wraps That Can Help Your Business Get Noticed

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Vehicle wraps have become an increasingly popular marketing tool that optimizes the visibility and attention-grabbing nature of the medium. With custom truck wraps, businesses can boost their advertising efforts to new heights at a relatively low cost. But it’s not a given that all truck wraps work as effectively as others. So, how do you choose the truck wrap design that will work best for your business?

Here are six types of commonly used truck wrap designs that can help your business get noticed.

1. Complete Truck Wraps

Complete truck wraps have the highest impact on sales and are the most dramatic type of truck wrap in terms of branding. Besides covering the entire body, complete truck wraps may also cover mirrors, the roof, bumpers, and even the windows using perforated window vinyl for safety.

Custom truck wraps can be filled with any number of designs, including one specific scene or pattern. As a far-from-subtle advertising tactic, complete truck wraps can be covered in galaxy vehicle wraps, which usually include a background filled with product images.

2. Partial Truck Wraps

Partial truck wraps cover less of a truck than a full wrap but more than truck decals and can range anywhere from between 50 and 200 square feet. These types of truck wraps can be placed anywhere on the truck and can include window graphics—perforated or solid vinyl—for extra pizzazz.

3. Perforated Window Wrap

Particularly on a complete truck wrap, vehicle wraps that cover the windows create a cohesive look, as there are no blank areas on the vehicle.

4. Is It Real?

Creating an illusion with a truck wrap is sure to get your business noticed. Well-designed and clever designs that make the viewer think they’re looking at something that isn’t there are great attention-grabbers and water-cooler conversation topics. Create a buzz by using this unique truck wrap idea.

5. Keep It Simple

While the intent of truck wraps is to get noticed, using too much text or pattern can be jarring. Since the vehicle will likely be moving for much of the time, it will be frustrating if someone must struggle to find the relevant text, and your marketing message will be lost.

6. Custom Graphics and Decals

Custom graphics and decals for vehicles are an affordable way for your business to advertise your brand, products, and services in a highly visible and effective manner. Vinyl lettering is a cost-effective way to promote your business details. Make the most out of your company vehicles and take advantage of their marketing potential by using custom truck wraps and graphics. Showcase your business and get your business noticed.

For more information on all the fun and exciting ways to take advantage of your company vehicles’ marketing power, contact The Carolina Signsmith today.  We’re here to make it easy for you to design, create and install any sign project. 

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