The Importance of Color Contrast for Wall Graphics

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Color contrast happens when a designer uses two colors with varying amounts of shade and tint in the same design, such as in a wall graphic. Custom wall graphics will spruce up your business space and convey marketing messages in fun and unique ways.

Wall graphics that use only complementary colors—those on the opposite sides of a color wheel—can be boring. The last thing you want your business wall graphic to be is lackluster. Color contrast in wall graphics is important for many reasons, not the least is its ability to add visual interest to your walls.

Capture Attention

Color contrast in wall graphics helps organize the design and establish the essential parts—or focal points—signaling viewers where to focus. A focal point captures a viewer’s attention and helps make the most critical part of your message pop. Wall graphics with contrasting colors can make lasting impressions on new customers and foster confidence in your business.

Creates Easy-to-Digest Messaging

Contrasting colors help us distinguish objects from each other. This factor is important to keep in mind when using your wall graphics as advertisements or to express overt marketing messages, like promotions or events. Readability and ease of digestion are particularly critical when wall graphics carry subliminal messaging or play with people’s perceptions. When images and words are contrasted using color, a visual effect can occur that changes their relative meanings. Since people tend to compare everything, they can be led toward a predetermined outcome through marketing messages on custom wall graphics.

Boosts Brand Awareness

Corporate wall graphics with contrasting colors can be an excellent tool for making a cohesive branding statement and communicating your company’s values. When your brand’s colors are consistently used in your wall graphics, either to contrast with each other or with an additional color, customers will more easily recognize and remember your business.

Too Much Spice Can Ruin the Recipe

Color contrast will spice up a wall graphics design. However, too much of a good thing can make your message unclear and confusing. A wall graphic conveying a message for your business with too much color contrast can be busy and difficult to make sense of. If all your design elements contrast, nothing will stand out, and you’ll lose the professional touch. This touch is particularly important in corporate wall graphics where you don’t want a visually jarring image on the wall.

So, as with most design concepts, balance is key. Applying color contrast in a balanced way is a specialty of our team at the Greensboro, NC, based sign company, The Carolina Signsmith. Contact us today to see how wall graphics with just the right amount of color contrast will make the key elements of your message pop and grab your customers’ attention without them even realizing it!

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