Why Should I Use Monument Signs?

Custom Monument Signs

Monument signs are free-standing signs that sit on a ground level. They provide a direct line of visibility of your brand for passersby. They have proven over the decades to be incredibly effective for advertising your brand on a ground level, where people can see it and quickly identify the location of your business.

Custom Monument Signs for Businesses

These days, you’ll pretty much find these types of signs everywhere. Businesses across the country have recognized their effectiveness and are utilizing them to the fullest. Don’t quite know what we are talking about? Let us tell you. When you walk into a church’s grounds, you find custom monument signs that say the specific church’s name and date of origination, right? The same goes for corporate facilities, commercial complexes, universities, schools, and brands. These monument signs are a great way of displaying any business or organization’s name to the passersby. Monument signage effectively generates more foot traffic and maintains a long-term impact on the industry.

Types of Monument Signage

Such as the name suggests, architectural monument signs can dramatically impact your branding style and change your business for the better. Though in the beginning, it might require significant investment on your part, in the long-term, they are worth investing in. Every signage varies in terms of design and size based on your individual needs. You can choose between the following monument signs for your business when you contact a reputable monument sign company:

  • Metal
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Foam

Benefits Provided by a Monument Sign Company

Gone are the days of losing valuable prospects because they are unable to find you. Monument signs can do for your business what word of mouth can’t.

  1. Architectural monument signs offer businesses visibility to attract motorists and pedestrians. Most people fail to locate a business due to poor signage. As monument signs are typically situated near a crosswalk, sidewalk, or close to a road, they help these individuals locate businesses from a distance.
  2. They can match existing architecture. As these monuments can easily be constructed with various materials, a business can choose between stone bricks, metal, or more to fit in with the existing architectural surroundings of the sign.
  3. Monument signs are incredibly durable. These signs are water-resistant and can endure nature’s elements. Having a sign like that also tells your customers that your business is here to stay.
  4. These signs help you maximize your marketing as they reach more people than the traditional modes of marketing can, such as radio or newspapers. There is no limit to monument signage advertising. They’re on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without fail, marketing your brand.

So, we think that as far as the question “Should I use monument sign?”  goes, this about covers it. Do you have any more questions? Feel free to reach out to us at The Carolina Signsmith for all your monument signs needs.

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