Types of Storefront Signs to Consider for Your Business

Custom Storefront Signs

A storefront sign is essential for every business. A storefront sign reveals where your business is and what you do to potential customers. Moreover, it helps promote your brand image when combined with interior graphics and signage. You can also emphasize the professionalism of your company with a clean, eye-catching, and attractive storefront sign. In addition to lighted storefront signs, non-illuminating signs, channel letters, pin-mounted letters, and lightboxes can be mounted over the storefront.

Types of Storefront Signs

Signs for storefronts come in many different forms. It is essential to install the appropriate type for your situation and needs. Consider these examples:

Monuments and Pylon Signs

If your business is in a hard-to-see spot or inside of a plaza hidden from sight, then your best bet would be to install a monument or pylon sign at the entrance or near the road that leads to your location. Passing traffic will see where you are and what your company does when they see this.


You can use an awning as part of your business’ storefront signage. Your clients will not only be protected from the sun, rain, and snow but a patio can be covered as well. Make sure your awnings are branded to complement the rest of your signage.


Advertise your special events and sales by hanging banners on your storefront. In this way, customers will know about them, thus boosting sales during these promotional periods.

Illuminated Signs

You should consider an illuminated sign for your front door, especially if your business is open at night and you want to attract potential customers. If you happen to be located in a dark corner or if you want to stand out from the other businesses around you, this can also be helpful.

Be Consistent With Your Branding

Having signage for a storefront will allow you to promote your brand. Consistency in your signage is crucial for promoting your brand effectively.

If possible, work with only one signage company that knows your brand and can provide you with any type of signage you need. You can use this company for any kind of signage for anything from your interior to your exterior, banners, awnings, and vehicle wraps.

Be Mindful of Windows

Keep in mind that you have a huge canvas to work with when choosing your storefront signage. You can easily change storefront window graphics at a relatively low cost, and it will be great for business.

Size Your Signage Accordingly

Size matters a lot when it comes to these signs. You can read larger letters more easily. Make your custom storefront signs as enlarged as possible if you want them to be seen from a distance. Entrepreneur.com advises using a 10-foot rule of thumb per inch of letter height. This would mean that if your text is 20 inches high, it can be seen from 200 feet.

To learn more about storefront signs, please contact us today for help from one of our professional experts. We would be happy to help you choose and design the best sign for your business.

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