Why Should Business Owners Choose Channel Letters Signs?

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Business signs come in a variety of types and applications. From monument signs to room identification signs, a combination of these signs effectively communicate your desired message to your target audience.

Channel letters are commonly used as storefront signs because of their captivating charm and professional appeal. These outdoor signs are highly customizable, which is why they are a favorite among many Greensboro entrepreneurs.

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Types of Channel Letter Signage in Greensboro, NC

  • Front-lit: These are the most common channel signs business-owners have. Each signage element has hollow interiors housing LEDs. The light shines through the signs’ translucent face, hence the name.
  • Backlit: Achieve that halo effect with reverse-lit signs. Here, light is emitted facing the wall or surface where the signage is mounted, creating a classy outline on each letter or character of the signage.
  • Combination: If you want to invest in showstopping channel letters, opt for front and backlit signs. These combine the main characteristics of both types of signs to create an illuminated sign that stands out from the crowd.
  • Open face: As the name suggests, these don’t have frontal coverings that expose each element’s insides. These are ideal for businesses with a retro-style brand personality.

Benefits of Investing in Channel Letter Signs for Your Greensboro Business

  • Stay top-of-mind: Because of how eye-catching and memorable these signs are, your brand will stay with your potential customers long after your sign is out of sight. Meaning, there are more chances for you to influence the purchase behavior and brand preferences of leads and existing customers.
  • Durable and weather-resistant: Working with the right sign company, such as The Carolina Signsmith, will give you the peace of mind that you’re investing in sign solutions that would last for many years to come. Channel letters are resistant to harsh weather conditions since they are fabricated from aluminum. They are easier to repair and generally require less maintenance. On top of that, LED has a lifespan of approximately 60,000 hours, allowing you to reap the benefits of round-the-clock advertising.
  • Versatility: The sky’s the limit when it comes to the designs for channel letter signage. Aluminum is highly flexible and easy to work with. Thus, no matter how seemingly complicated your trademark is, The Carolina Signsmith can get it right.
  • Effectiveness: According to FedEx’s research, 76% of consumers claimed to have entered an establishment for the first time because of their business sign. 68% of them stated that they associate the quality of a brand’s products and services based on how well their signs are made, designed, and installed. This is why choosing the right signage partner is critical to the success of your business.

Where to Get High-Quality Channel Letter Signs in Greensboro, NC?

The Carolina Signsmith is one of the best-rated sign companies in the area. Producing customized channel signage is one of our specialties. As industry experts, we are confident that we can drive your business to success with our well-strategized visual communication solutions. Are you ready to invest in channel letter signage? Call us today to get started!

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