The Importance of Professional Lobby Sign Installation

The Importance of Professional Lobby Sign Installation

Lobby signs are crucial because they are how you greet visitors when they enter your building and set the tone for their entire time inside your establishment. As a type of reception sign, they also aid in creating a warm and inviting reception area that begins their experience on the right foot.

The Carolina Signsmith is here to help create beautiful lobby signs for your business! We service Greensboro, NC, and beyond with custom signage solutions. Contact us to speak with a signage specialist about hand-crafted lobby signs and discover what fantastic customer service feels like.

Lobby Signs: Set the Tone for Your Building

Here are some things to consider when you decide to invest in a lobby sign:

  • Placement
    The impact of a sign is only as good as it is set up to be. Choosing the right placement for installation is crucial, as it determines how visible and impactful the sign will be. Make sure your sign is noticed by finding the best location in your reception area.
  • Proper Installation
    Are you hoping for your sign to be long-lasting, safe, and easy to maintain? Proper installation is the quickest way to achieve this, especially if there is an electrical system involved. We have experienced electricians on staff who can handle the installation of electrical components to ensure your lobby is safe and secure. They are also aware of any regulations or requirements for installation that wouldn’t be known by individuals outside of the sign industry.
  • Maintenance
    If you have a digital sign or a sign with a lighting system, it will require occasional maintenance for safety and to look its best. Even vinyl signs and graphics need cleaning to look pristine. If you choose a vinyl graphic as your lobby sign, we use the highest quality vinyl so that you don’t experience any fading, peeling, or ripping. We understand that the appearance of your signage has a direct impact on the quality of your business, so we only provide the best.
  • Wayfinding Done Right
    Wayfinding signs are essential to the overall functionality and efficiency of your lobby. They help people to navigate your building and find their way effortlessly. Whether it is a directory or an interactive map, wayfinding signage is essential in creating a positive, professional user experience.
  • Creating an Inclusive Space with ADA Signs
    ADA signs are required by law for every business, as they ensure that individuals with disabilities are able to interact with and navigate your business. Without these signs, your lobby is not welcoming to anyone who enters it. There are guidelines these signs must follow, many of which would be unknown to someone outside of the sign industry. This is where the services of a full-service sign company are critical. Make your business a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space with the right ADA signs.

Improve Your Lobby and Attract More Customers

A well-decorated lobby is an inviting one. When you take the time to set up your reception area with furniture and lobby signs that make it a pleasing experience, you attract more customers. You can count on The Carolina Signsmith to deliver high-quality, impactful sign solutions every time. Contact us at 1-336-967-7446 to book a consultation and find out how we can assist you in making your lobby a delight.

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