How to make your monument sign stand out

Monument Signs

Weather-resistant and free-standing, monument signs attract attention from those who see them. Lower than a pylon sign, monument signs offer a great way to share your name and brand identity. Our team at The Carolina Signsmith has experience designing and installing custom monument signs for businesses.

Here are some things to consider so that your monument sign will stand out:

Color Counts

For visibility and ease of reading, choose from colors that will capture interest. Carefully selecting contrasting colors enhances the ability of your monument sign to share your message. For example, placing lighter text and content on a darker background promotes readability much better than orange letters on a red background. Bolder fonts deliver, as do images that have higher contrast. 

Focus on Fonts

If you plan to place your monument sign in a high-traffic area, carefully consider the font you plan to use. The font size and style will attract the attention of those who pass by the sign. Even the spacing between letters and lines should be reviewed. Remember that looking at words on a sign is a different experience when driving along a busy highway than examining them in the parking lot when you have time to read them slowly and deliberately. 

Get Eye-Catching Graphics

For companies that have a well-known or easy-to-understand graphic or logo, adding them to your monument sign is another way to attract interest in your business. Our design team can suggest the best alternatives for your individual needs.

Learn the Law

Before investing in a sign, investigate any codes, covenants, laws, ordinances, or other restrictions that may affect the size, layout, or structure of your monument signs. This should be one of the first steps you take and should occur before approving a final layout. Our team will assist in ensuring your signage meets all necessary mandates.

Materials and Location Matter

When considering a new monument sign, you have many options for creating the structure on which your message or information will appear. Traditionally, stone and wood served as the foundation of signs. Wood may be appropriate, though it may deteriorate over time. Brick, concrete, metal, and even some resilient foam products — in place of wood –are other options to consider when talking with our design team. Find a spot that offers the greatest visibility and impact.

Simplicity as a Selection

While you start with a blank canvas when designing your sign, remember that simplicity may be the best option in many circumstances. Keep in mind that less is more. Those passing by your sign have only a few seconds to read and comprehend your message. Impactful signs are those that attract readers with a quick and powerful message, so both the words on them and their physical structure should attract immediate attention.

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