All You Need To Know About Channel Letters

Channel letters

Channel letter signs are a popular choice for businesses, no matter what type of company they run. It’s a great way to make a statement with signage. These 3D letters are often illuminated, which allows for visbility no matter the time of day. But what exactly are they? Why is letter signage effective? We’ll explore everything about them below in this blog post.

What Are They?

Channel letters are individually crafted metal or plastic letters that are used to spell out or display a business’s name or logo. Typically, they are made from durable materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or other materials offered by signage companies. They can be illuminated or left alone, but with illumination you’re offered a higher visibility rate, which means more impressions. Plus, they can be illuminated with LED lights for energy-efficincey, which will make them more cost-effective in the long run. A great way to get creative is having the lights change color to add some dynamic effects!

But what are the types of custom letter signs? There are:

  • Standard Channel Letters: Standard and common type, these are made from aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Reverse Channel Letters: Designed to have the light shine out from the back, creating a halo effect.
  • Front-Lit Channel Letters: Designed to have the light shine out the front of the letters.
  • Open-Face Channel Letters: Have an exposed face and are often used for retro or vintage signage.

They can be installed in a variety of ways, depending on how the business wants to porray their signage. What’s most importance is that businesses worth with a reputable signage company such as The Carolina Signsmith, to ensure it is done safely.

Benefits of Letter Signage

One of the greatest benefits of channel letters is their visibility. Since they are three-dimensional and can be illuminated, they stand out from flat signage and can be seen from a distance, at night, or in low-lit areas. This is advantageous for businesses that are placed in high-traffic areas and have to work harder at standing out from the crowd.

The other benefit is their versatility. They can be customized to fit a company’s aesthetic and branding. The font, color, size, and lighting are all customizable, which means customizing it to your business’s specific needs is an easy thing to do!

Channel Letter Signs Near You

If you’re looking for a bold and beautiful way to get attention with signage, hopefully this blog has convinced you that channel letters are for you. They are a great way to get visibility without sacrificing aesthetics.

The best way to get the design you want is by working with a trusted signage company. That’s where The Carolina Signsmith comes in. We have the tools and design experts needed to design and install premium signage that will take your business to the next level. Our mission is to help businesses grow in their community, so working with you is our true pleasure.

Contact us today so we can get started on your custom letter signs!

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