A Well-Placed Lobby Sign Can Help Your Business, Prosper!

Lobby Signs in Greensboro - The Carolina Sign Smith

Lobby signs aim to set the tone of your brand and give a positive impression as customers step inside your establishment. These support the expectations set by your outdoor signs. Contrary to what most people think, these signs don’t just refer to your official trademark displayed on the wall behind receptionists. You can also showcase other essential information that you want guests to know right away.

Types of Custom Lobby Signs for Your Business in Greensboro, NC

  • Directories and wayfinding signs: Help customers navigate unfamiliar areas inside your establishment by showcasing maps and directional cues. These boost their customer experience since they don’t have to figure things out on their own. They are less likely to get frustrated and dissatisfied with your company as well.
  • Table-top signs: These small yet straightforward office lobby signs provide details that make a world of difference. For example, one sign can say ‘priority lane’ while the other says ‘cashier.’ Having these will not only promote orderliness but also demonstrate that your brand wants to provide a premium level of service to senior citizens, pregnant women, and persons with disabilities.
  • Banners: These versatile signs are often for short-term use, such as greeting important guests and providing information about events currently being held. However, these are also fantastic if you want affordable and portable signs to explain products and services in detail, such as your school’s new merchandise or your travel agency’s new tropical vacation package.

Why Should I Buy Interior Office Lobby Signs?

  • Solidify your brand: Low-quality signs often throw off people because these reflect a lot about the management and quality of your products and services. However, when office signs are expertly produced, these can make your business appear more reliable and professional.
  • Impress your clients: When you display the company’s accolades and history on your interior office lobby signs, clients learn more about the great minds behind the brand’s success, contributions to society, achievements, and more.
  • Complement your interiors: These should reflect not only your branding elements but should also tie-in together with your establishment’s interior design. When done correctly, indoor signs contribute to your establishment’s overall ambiance, which positively lifts your employees’ and clients’ moods.

Where to Get the Best Custom Lobby Signs in Greensboro, NC?

Successful Greensboro entrepreneurs only invest their time and money in sign suppliers with experience and mastery in planning, designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining high-quality visual sign solutions. If you’re searching for a local sign shop that you can depend on, work with The Carolina Signsmith. With us, you can have the confidence that your sign investments will last for a long time and generate quantifiable results.

As part of our commitment to you, we are offering free consultation services so you can get a better idea of the type of signage and design that works best for your business needs, budget, and available space. Call us today to get started on your lobby signs!

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