5 Key Benefits of Investing in an Exterior Monument Sign for Your Property

5 Key Benefits of Investing in an Exterior Monument Sign for Your Property

Exterior monument signs are a timeless advertising tool that can add visual appeal to your property. They are durable and bold, which offers an excellent way to make a statement about your business. As one of the most prestigious forms of signage, they are used by businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries.

If you are looking for a custom monument sign for your business, look no further. The Carolina Signsmith is here for you! We help businesses of all sizes expand their reach and attract new customers with our custom signage solutions.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into exterior monument signs: are they the right sign solution for your business, what benefits do they offer, and more.

Are Monument Signs Right for You?

If you are considering investing in monument signs, consider the following five key benefits they offer:

Long-Term Signage Solution

Monument signs are one of the most durable types of signage. They are crafted with the right materials to withstand harsh weather, insects, mold, rust, and corrosion. If you choose an exterior monument sign made from stone or concrete with a solid foundation, you could have a sign that lasts over a decade! While the investment for these signs can be substantial, the ROI is significant, making it worthwhile.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Exterior monument signs are typically installed near the curb or road by your business. They are the perfect way to elevate your business’s curb appeal and attract attention from cars driving by. Since the signs are low to the ground, they are placed directly in the eyeline of people driving or walking by. This increase in visibility is monumental for your business’s foot traffic and brand recognition.

Become a Landmark in Your Neighbourhood

Monument signs are easy to spot and can help guide people to your business. Oftentimes, people will start to use your sign as a landmark when giving directions to not only your business but businesses nearby. The more people use your sign as a landmark, the more often they will be reminded of your business; this results in a higher chance that they will employ your business in the future.

Easy to Customize

Monument signs are prestigious and timeless. However, we understand that some businesses may want their sign to be more modern; this is why we offer a high degree of customization for our monument signs. Whether you’re looking for a modern touch or increased professional appeal, we can add channel letters, digital sign boards, or LED lighting to your monument signs. The sky is your limit!

Advertise Multiple Business

Multi-tenant monument signs let you advertise multiple businesses at the same time. They are a fantastic investment for a plaza or strip mall, helping all businesses within the property benefit from increased visibility.

The Carolina Signsmith: Your Trusted Local Sign Shop

If you are a business owner in Greensboro, NC, looking for stunning, impactful signage, we’re the right signage partner for you. We are happy to explain the services we provide, as well as help you find the right sign for your business.

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