10 Creative Ways to Improve Your Company with Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs

Are you trying to make your business stand out from your competitors? This is the sign to use custom acrylic signs!

Signs are everywhere. All businesses must promote their product or service to attract customers, which can make it difficult to stand out. The Carolina Signsmith believes that the way to be unique is to use top-performing signage both inside and outside of your business.

In this article, we will provide 10 creative ways to improve your company with acrylic office signs and acrylic door signs.


They will all use the same material, whether it’s a desktop nameplate, a door sign, or a ceiling-mounted fire exit. This versatility creates a seamless experience for customers and employees alike.


They are elegant and timeless, which creates an excellent environment. The polished material elevates your business and attracts customers that align with the brand’s aesthetic.


They have the polished look of glass without the risk or brittleness of glass, increasing their lifespan. They are also shatterproof, so they are perfect for high-traffic business areas.

High Degree of Customization

They can be customized with assorted colors and textures, cut into different shapes or sizes, and mounted to a variety of surfaces. This customization allows your brand to shine through and remain consistent.

Publicization of a New Product

They are an excellent way to show pride in a new product or service that is available. Show the product’s permanence and unity with the rest of the brand through custom acrylic signs. Customers will believe in the new product like they believe in your company.


They are made with a high degree of clarity, which makes them easy to read from a far distance. This is excellent for high-traffic business environments as they provide directional help to customers.


They are a fraction of the cost of traditional signage, which makes them an excellent choice for small businesses.

Build Trust

By creating a memorable space, such as your lobby or reception area, your business will instill customers with a positive feeling. If your customers see how much your business cares about its presentation, they will know you will treat them with the same care.

Easy to Maintain

While minor maintenance is needed to ensure a sleek look, it is very simple. Using a sponge and warm water can easily remove any dirt that has accumulated.

Weather Resistant

Whether outdoor or indoor signage is used, it is fire, impact, and weather resistant. Acrylic is self-extinguishing, in the event of a fire. The impact index is up to 200 times that of glass, with next to zero risk of being broken. While most acrylic signs are used indoors, outdoor acrylic signs have a high UV absorbent, giving them a service life of 8-15 years.

From building customer rapport to promoting your brand, all indoor and outdoor signage plays a key role in creating a work environment you’re proud of. Take the creative leap and choose outdoor and indoor acrylic signs. 

Choosing The Carolina Signsmith for Your Custom Acrylic Signs

Once you decide on custom acrylic signs, you want to work with those that know them best. That means working with experts who have years of experience creating unique acrylic signs. We are here to help! Our team is ready to help you promote your business and impress your customers.

Contact The Carolina Signsmith to discuss custom acrylic signs today.

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