What is Fleet Wrapping? Three Approaches to Fleet Wraps

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Fleet graphics and wraps are made from a special type of vinyl that adheres to motorized vehicles and withstands extreme outdoor conditions. Investing in them enables you to get the most out of existing assets and the time spent driving around town for business-related errands. Technically, these are considered as mobile billboards that reach more potential customers who do not live or work near your establishment or have not been previously exposed to your other advertisements.

Best Kinds of Fleet Graphics for Businesses in Greensboro, NC

  • Full wraps: If you want a large canvas to display intricate advertisements, investing in full wraps is the way to go. These cover the entire exterior of any motorized vehicle of your preference, such as sedans, vans, and trucks. Full wraps are perfect for making a statement in the streets of Greensboro and boosting your brand visibility among locals. They are attention-grabbing and loud without being overly intrusive since your target market simply passes them by. Another advantage of investing in complete vinyl wraps is that they protect your car’s original paint job, allowing you to easily convert them back into regular vehicles if you want to in the future.
  • Partial wraps: Some times, less is more. As the name suggests, partial wraps only highlight specific areas of your vehicle, such as the hood and back portion. Despite not covering every square inch of your fleet, these are still effective in reaching more people for less.
  • Vehicle graphics: If your main goal is to add a touch of branding to your car to make them look official, opt for custom fleet graphics instead. These are great for displaying the most important details of your business, such as your logo, slogan, contact information, and address. When clients see these, they will have the impression that people aboard are legitimate representatives of your company. For businesses that perform services at residences, such as professional cleaning and plumbing, homeowners will be more willing to accommodate your staff upon seeing your branded decals.

Are Commercial Fleet Graphics Worth the Investment?

While there are many ways to communicate with your target audience and promote your business, none of them will effortlessly give you hundreds if not thousands of daily impressions without additional charge on your end. Therefore, the simple answer to the question above is: YES! However, it is equally critical that you partner up with a reputable sign company that knows what they are doing and can deliver top notch product and service. Luckily, The Carolina Signsmith is here to help.

Top-Notch Signage Company in Greensboro, NC

The Carolina Signsmith is home to some of the best installers of fleet graphics and wraps in the area. They meticulously apply your decals to ensure that the final product is nothing but seamless and professional-looking. We only use the best quality materials and tools to produce vivid and crystal-clear printouts of your preferred design, making your mobile billboard more captivating and memorable.

Whether you have a particular fleet wrap in mind or have no clue as to what would work best for your needs, our team is 100% ready to accommodate you from start to finish. Call us today!

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