What Are the Different Types of Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letters

Outdoor signs are important for marketing your business. They are the first point of contact for your customers. Channel letters are a popular and effective type of outdoor business sign. They are frequently used in storefronts to attract both new and repeat customers.

Use letter signage and get your business noticed. These signs are frequently placed in storefronts to attract new and returning customers. Custom letter signs are communication tools that are individually cut, molded, and installed outside of your building. LED tubes can pass through the letter’s hollowed-out sections. They add a colorful touch to your storefront that is noticeable and easy to remember.

Like lobby signs, channel letter signs are an excellent way to impress your customers. These signs, as eye-catching as they can be, can also be difficult to design. These 3D signs are also excellent for displaying your company’s name, tagline, and other vital information. They are typically made of aluminum and acrylic, and they are illuminated by LED lights.

In this article, we will list and discuss the different types of channel letters that you can consider for your business and brand.


This is the most common type of channel letter. LED bulbs or neon lights illuminate the faces of each channel letter. Because of the materials used, this option allows for easier customization.


Halo-Lit is the best choice for sign projects requiring a unique and one-of-a-kind appearance or brand image. Halo lighting illuminates channel letters from behind the letter. They don’t have faces, but each letter is encircled by a light halo.


This type of signage combines front-lit channel letters with halo lighting. The finished product appears to be quite posh. For example, if you’re looking for a sign with a red illuminated face and a white halo effect, this option really stands out.

Open Face

The sides and back of the pen-lit channel letters are made of aluminum. These signs are usually illuminated by neon rather than LEDs. The sign’s face is either missing or transparent, allowing the exposed neon light inside to shine through.

Non-Illuminated Letters

These signs are typically used in commercial properties where no illumination is required. They are low-cost aluminum channel letters that will provide you with brand exposure for years to come. They are extremely long-lasting and easy to use.

If your brand identifies as daring, modern, chic, and results-driven, then we recommend channel letters for you. We also recommend them for businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, spas, salons, gyms, pubs and bars, specialty retailers, shopping malls, and more.

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