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What Are Storefront Signs & How Do They Benefit Your Business?

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Now more than ever, brick-and-mortar businesses find the need to remain competitive and outshine competitors. Retail stores located inside a strip mall or alongside other establishments need to stand out as they compete for local traffic’s attention. Storefront signs are still the most effective way to capture your target audience’s attention.

Lead Customers to Your Door with Eye-Catching Storefront Windows

We have listed some of the widely used signs for storefronts to effectively catch your target audience’s attention.

Lighted Storefront Signs

Channel letters, close cousins of the 3D letter signs, are commonly used inside strip malls, restaurants, and specialty stores. They are especially helpful in generating leads as they literally pop out from the wall or board against which they are mounted. And because they are lit, they are way more effective in drawing attention to your place of business compared to non-illuminated signage. Other examples of lighted storefront signs are digital lightboxes, programmable LED displays, and LED neon signs.

Storefront Window Graphics

Stores with large glass windows can use these amazing pieces of advertising real estate to showcase their products using storefront window graphics. These versatile graphic advertising materials can be customized to suit your needs and personal style. Whether you want simple black or white decals to display your company name, tagline or store hours, or a mix of colorful text and images, your trusted local sign shop can do it all for you.

Other Types of Custom Storefront Signs

Thanks to digital printing and the latest in sign and graphics technology, you can achieve practically any design you have in mind. Custom storefront signs can take on different shapes, sizes, colors, or images to best represent your brand and reach your market. Personalized blade or hanging signs or lighted cabinet signs hung perpendicular to traffic are also excellent ways to embellish your storefront.

Advantages of Getting Expert Storefront Signage

Outshining your competitors isn’t the only benefit of personalized storefront signage. Over time, you will see a significant increase in foot traffic and sales as you strengthen your brand’s identity. Just make sure your storefront is looking fresh and updated all the time. The Carolina Signsmith can professionally handle your design, manufacturing, and installation of your business signs so you can work on other aspects of your business with peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Sign Company in Greensboro, NC

When it comes to choosing the right storefront window signs provider, businesses in Greensboro, NC trust The Carolina Signsmith. Every single project is done in-house by our team of sign professionals. Our collective years in the sign industry have allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of how the visual advertising world works. As a full-service sign company, we take care of your signage project from start to finish to ensure that our products meet and even exceed your expectations.

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