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When you need metal signs in Greensboro, trust the professionals at The Carolina Signsmith. We produce custom metal signs designed specifically with the needs of your business in mind. Metal signs for business purposes include indoor and outdoor usage. Use metal to invoke a sense of professionalism throughout your business space. 

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What Is Metal Signage?

Metal is one of the most enduring materials you can choose for your business signs. By far, aluminum is the most popular due to its affordability and flexibility. Other common metals used in signs include the following:

  • Alumalite
  • Brass
  • Dibond
  • Bronze
  • Stainless steal
  • Steel

Choosing metal allows you to display thin, weather-resistant, and professional-looking signs.

Types of Metal Signs

There are many uses for metal signs, but you don’t have to decide on your own. Our design specialists can perform an on-site evaluation to determine where you can best benefit from durable metal signage, including affordable custom aluminum signs.

Indoor Metal Signs

Where can you use indoor metal signs? Door numbers, honor walls, logos and lettering, directories, ADA signs, and wayfinding signs all look great and display legibly on metal backgrounds.

Outdoor Metal Signs

When you need custom outdoor metal signs, turn to The Carolina Signsmith. As a leading fabricator of metal signs in Greensboro, we know how to produce attractive outdoor signage that stands the test of time. Metal withstands the heat of summer and cold of winter without compromising the legibility of your signage. Additionally, we provide recommendations for placement to maximize recognition for your business.

Personalized Metal Signs

We’ll match the color, size and style of metal signage to your logo and branding. Fortunately, color transfers well to aluminum and steel signs directing customers to your establishment. Real steel signs, for example, resist corrosion and fading, delivering maximum return on investment.

Cost of Metal Signs

Whether you’re looking for a metal logo sign or consistent signage inside and outside your retail, commercial, industrial, healthcare, or educational facility, we’ll collaborate with you to produce an effective signage strategy.

The size, materials, style, and other factors impact the cost of metal signs. However, our team provides an upfront estimate that takes your budget into consideration.

Custom Metal Signs Near You

If you need modern laser-cut metal signs for your business in Greensboro, contact The Carolina Signsmith today. Our experts can also advise you on how to incorporate a vintage metal sign that gives your business a retro look.

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