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Commercial signs are the best way to proudly display your businesses’ brand, character, and identity. They also inform your clients about your products and services. With graphic design, manufacturing, and installation expertise from The Carolina Signsmith, you can receive impressive, custom commercial building signs to attract new customers and engage loyal clients.

At The Carolina Signsmith, we make sure you receive the highest-quality commercial signs in Greensboro catering directly to your needs and desires. We account for all the most important factors during the consultation and design process including:

  • Your brand
  • Your design vision
  • Your location in Greensboro
  • The weather conditions in the area
  • The local signage rules and regulations
  • Your particular building and property
  • Your competitors
  • Your target audience
  • Your budget
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Best Types of Commercial Signs in Greensboro, NC

We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what our clients envision for their commercial signs. Accordingly, you have many options at your disposal when selecting types of outdoor commercial signs in Greensboro. Each option accommodates particular uses for commercial signs and provides unique benefits:

  • Wall Signs: Wall signs are the most traditional type of commercial signage, drawing attention to your business from both foot and drive-by traffic.  You can create a design that is complementary to your existing exterior storefront or make your sign stand out with colors, 3-D lettering, or lighting.
  • Channel Letters and Dimensional Letters: You may wish to make your business pop out with 3-D lettering rising from the wall, roof, or a mounted sign. Create a further modern effect by adding interior lighting for backlighting each letter.
  • Hanging Signs, Projecting Signs, Blade Signs: Hanging or blade signs are a great way to pull in customers from foot traffic headed in either direction. Positioned in a windy area? Consider projecting signs, which are rigid versions of hanging signs.
  • Canopy or Awning Signs: A canopy or awning sign is a great way to provide outdoor seating or overhead protection to your customers while simultaneously promoting your business.
  • Pylon Signs: If your business is farther away from the curb, you may wish to pull in attention straight from the street or freeway with tall pylon signs. The freestanding structures are perfect for increasing commercial visibility and directing your customers to you.
  • Monument Signs: If you require exterior signage, yet prefer a low-key, sophisticated style, you may consider a monument sign. It is ideal for drawing in customers from eye level or for areas that have sign restrictions.
  • Lighted Signs: Lighted signs are an exceptional option if you have a business operating 24/7 or wish to help customers remember your name if they are driving after hours. Lighting helps direct your customers’ eyes right to your business.

Commercial Signs Near You In North Carolina

Are you interested in creating a custom commercial sign for your business? Choose The Carolina Signsmith, the leading commercial sign company in Greensboro, NC, for custom signage solutions. We will work with you and guide you through every step of the design and manufacturing process to ensure we get your sign just right. Contact us today if you wish to find out more about your commercial sign options or the cost of commercial signs.

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