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It is vital today that you get the biggest bang for your marketing buck. This requires choosing the marketing methods that generate the largest long-term return on your investment. Our team at The Carolina Signsmith finds that magnetic signs in Greensboro are often a great way to enhance your brand and keep it in the sight of your customers and prospects.

Although we have all seen custom car magnets in use, you may not have considered just how effective this form of branding might be for your business. Our experienced designers have produced many of the dynamic magnetic car signs near you and are known for being the most effective magnetic vehicle signs in Greensboro. 

When we talk to our clients, we find that they often have some standard questions, such as:

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What is a magnetic sign?

Modern materials make the magnetic sign a versatile and durable way to turn your vehicles and other surfaces into traveling or stationary billboards. We use a single-sided top-quality isotropic strip as the base for signs that will serve as vehicle magnets and magnetic car signs. Our team will work with you to choose any type of high-resolution text and graphics in any color combination your desire to deliver the maximum impact.

What are the types of magnetic signs?

Magnetic signs provide a variety of applications, and a variety of types are available to fit just about any application. When designing your magnetic sign, we first determine your objective and what information you wish to communicate. Then, we ensure we:

What are the uses for magnetic signs?

The most common application for magnetic signs is with vehicles of all types. We have extensive experience in designing and producing:

These custom magnetic signs are also a superior way to provide promotional and seasonal information in interior spaces. We help clients design restaurant menu boards, informational boards, and boards that provide changeable promotional messages.

What is the cost of magnetic signs?

You will find that the long-term return on investment and lasting value of magnetic signs far exceeds their initial cost. The use of durable materials and long-lasting graphics ensures these signs will serve through all types of weather while remaining sharp and attractive. When you compare this value with the cost of one-use printed materials or advertising, you will appreciate the significant cost-benefit equation.

Additionally, it is easy to move magnetic signs between different vehicles and surfaces. When you upgrade your fleet, you simply move the magnetic sign to the new truck or car. It is also easy to change the messaging regularly, so you are always presenting your best and most current offerings to your customers and prospects.

Why not take advantage of the cost of deliveries and your vehicle fleets by turning them into rolling billboards that don’t require monthly payments?

If you want to put the power of vehicle magnets to work for your business, we offer magnetic signs near you in Greensboro at The Carolina Signsmith. Call or click today, or just come by to see all the ways we can equip your vehicles with magnetic signs.