The Impact of Backlit Storefront Signs on Business Visibility and Branding

The Impact of Backlit Storefront Signs on Business Visibility and Branding

Looking for a way to warmly invite people into your business? Backlit storefront signs create a growing invitation that is hard to miss or turn down. Backlit illumination transforms a visually stunning sign into a shining beacon that can be seen from afar. With the proper design and location, backlit storefront signs will take your business to new heights.

At The Carolina Signsmith, we understand the importance of signage. We work with businesses to create signage that aligns with their vision and brand by creating compelling designs that stand out from their competitors. Backlit signs are one of many options available for a storefront, and when used correctly, they can be very effective.

For more information on illuminated signage and the best practices for using signage for your business, contact us.

Why Choose Backlit Storefront Signs?

When choosing signage for your business, it is important to have a goal or vision in mind. If you know how you want your interior or exterior to look, the decision-process is just determining which sign will bring your desired appearance to life. Is your goal to increase visibility, elevate your atmosphere, or add a “wow” factor? If so, backlit storefront signs are the go-to choice!

There are many businesses that would benefit from a backlit storefront sign. Examples include lounges, nightclubs, spas, and live entertainment venues. All these businesses would appreciate the effect that backlit lighting has on their storefront, as they attract customer attention and make businesses memorable.

Cost-Effective for Your Marketing Budget

Thanks to advances in illumination technology, the burden that illuminated signs once had on a business’s energy bill is no longer! LED (light-emitting diodes) are a cost-effective, long-lasting lighting method that allows business signs to sign brightly for years. Did you know LEDs can last up to four times longer compared to traditional illuminated signage? This means less maintenance repairs will be needed to maintain the vibrace of this sign solution. Another benefit is that less heat is emitted from LEDs, which makes them safer.

Customize Your Signs

Have you decide that backlit storefront signs are the right choice for your business? Amazing! Time to start designing your ideal sign solution. Given this type of sign has a high degree of customization, the world of your oyster. You have many options to choose from, all of which can be customized to fit your branding needs. Whatever your vision, our team at The Carolina Signsmith has a way to bring it to life!

Book a Consultation Today

If you are ready to enhance the visibility of your storefront, give us a call at The Carolina Signsmith. We have countless backlit storefront signs for you to choose from; we will discuss your options during your consultation and learn more about your business goals and needs. This allows us to craft the right sign for you!

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