How to Upgrade to Digital Lobby Signage for Your Modern Office

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The reception and lobby areas of your office are key elements of how you present yourself to customers, business partners, employees, and anyone who visits. This makes their visual appeal and usability very important. One of the most cost-effective ways to modernize these spaces and make them more user-friendly is by upgrading to include digital lobby signs. Here’s how and why.

Aiming for an Engagingly Useful, Modern Visitor Experience

First impressions matter enormously, and one of their main elements is how rapidly and effectively a visitor is made to feel engaged with your brand. You can achieve this by helping them understand what your company offers, how they can navigate your services or products and how to find out more about whatever they need.

Digital signage makes this entire above process exceptionally easy by being so dynamic compared to metal lobby signs or other inert displays. A single electronic indoor reception sign or digital screen can deliver helpful information, promotional offers, navigation directions and useful contact information in just a single screen. This makes communication with visitors much deeper than is possible with static metal, wood or acrylic lobby signs.

Saving Time and Money for Everyone

Electronic display software can be programmed into your digital displays to show visitors much of what they need to know before they even talk to a receptionist or company executive. This can save time for these visitors and your staff in many ways. It can also save your company money. 

What’s more, you’ll save on the costs of changing messages in your signage because of new updates, prices and other information. Not only do you not need to have new physical signs made any time you want to communicate something new, you can even change the content of interactive digital signs rapidly and at minimal or no cost. In many cases, digital signage can be adjusted remotely through cloud-based solutions that let you alter what it contains regardless of where you are.

Choosing Where and How to Upgrade to Digital Signs

In the context of your company offices, the most important areas for placing your new digital signage will be your main lobby and other public spaces. This is where the greatest number of visitors will likely enter and your sign placement should reflect this.

You can then decide what kind of information will have the most impact in these locations. This could mean delivering promotional material, quick reference information or directions. It will depend on your specific needs.

You will also need digital display screens for your lobby signs. These can be purchased from retailers who sell digital directory displays with color and other visual specs that are similar to those of a large flat screen TV or PC monitor. Options for different budgets and size needs are easy to find.

Additionally, you’ll probably need a digital signage player. This might depend on the type of electronic sign service you use but in some cases, this small physical device lets you control how and what your displays show to viewers. A purely cloud software solution might also sometimes available. This is usually called lobby display software.

How The Carolina Signsmith Can Help you

Whether your business office signage needs are digital or physical, the Carolina Signsmith has the technical and aesthetic expertise to deliver powerful results however you need them. The Carolina Signsmith offers creation, installation and maintenance services for both interior and exterior signs of all types and materials. This includes advanced digital display options for a modern office or lobby setting.

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