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Window Graphics

With the holiday season drawing near, now is a great time to test out new business marketing opportunities. When looking for ways to differentiate your company from the competition, sign solutions are always a wise investment. If you want to leave a good first impression, you must upgrade your storefront display. Utilizing window graphics is one quick and easy way to do this.

Using your windows in this way can benefit your company and contribute to your marketing plan. Businesses should have these commercial window signs, especially if they share a building with other businesses. The aesthetics and advertising strategies of your business can both be improved by putting these graphics in your storefront window. Continue reading, as we have compiled everything you need to learn about window graphics.

What are window graphics?

These are business window signs that are directly window-mounted. They are typically made of a type of vinyl film that adheres to or clings to glass without damaging it. Today, one of the best ways for businesses to reach potential customers is through window signage. Window space can be the most valuable advertising real estate for brick-and-mortar businesses, but it is all too frequently wasted. You might be passing up a lot of money if your storefront doesn’t entice customers inside.

Types of Window Graphics

There are two common types of window graphics – window stickers or decals and static clings. A window sticker will stick to the window with some sort of adhesive, just as it sounds. Typically, when something is described as a decal or a window sticker, they are essentially the same thing. The adhesive is semi-permanent for a time, allowing you to change the position. These stickers have several varieties to choose from including clear, opaque, and perforated. Static clings are made of thin plastic that adheres to glass surfaces without the use of adhesive. Semi-transparent, opaque, or matte images can be printed on plastic. Static clings’ main benefit is that they are simple to apply and remove from glass.

Printing Options for Window Signs for Businesses

Static clings and decals or films can both be printed in a variety of ways. You may choose from the following:

  • Inside glass – The static cling sticker or decal is being applied inside the glass and will face outward toward the street. This is also known as the second surface. It’s a very popular choice for weatherproofing window signage.
  • Contour cut (custom) – Storefronts and offices that want to spell out announcements or a name using individual letters frequently use this printing option. Simple designs work best with this style.
  • Custom with border (halo cut) – In this particular design, the sign has been cut to the design’s shape rather than having just a rectangle of transparent, opaque, or perforated background

Why choose window graphics for your business?

  • Window graphics attract attention.
  • They work well for new product launches or seasonal promotions.
  • Custom window graphics raise brand recognition and increase sales opportunities.
  • Custom window graphics are the best option if you’re looking for a low-cost marketing strategy.
  • Any size window can have window graphics applied to it, from small business windows that could use a little extra advertising help to large storefronts and building wraps.

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