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Cabinet signs, which come in boxy shapes, are a unique way to enhance your branding. You can count on the signage specialists at The Carolina Signsmith in Greensboro for strong, long-lasting, durable cabinet signs. Use them to draw in traffic from the roadway or pedestrian traffic.

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What Is a Cabinet Sign?

The name comes from the boxy appearance that cabinet signage has when displayed. Cabinet signs, also known as box signs, are mounted outside a building. They’re often large and rectangular, and they’re placed on the side of a business to entice consumers. 

Cabinet signs are generally made of plastic and metal, with metal frames. They’re typically mounted to a wall or on a pole, and we can add backlighting to make your business name stand out. When mounted from a pole, they often have lighting and messaging on both sides.

Types of Cabinet Signs

Are you looking for a way to make the front of your business stand out? If so, storefront cabinet signs or lightbox signs created by The Carolina Signsmith can serve your business well.
There are several types of cabinet signs, including:

These cabinet signs are very versatile; you can incorporate them into a large tower or create a customized look with the help of our design specialist. The cost of cabinet signs varies depending on the type of material, size, and other features you request.

So, discuss your preferences for cabinet signs in Greensboro with The Carolina Signsmith. We are happy

Outdoor Tenant Signage for Business
Outdoor Tenant Signage for Business

Top Benefits and Uses for Cabinet Signs

Commercial cabinet signs promote your business name, products, and services. Since a single sign can draw thousands of customers to your business over the course of a few years, it will eventually pay for itself. You can also use them to increase the visibility of your storefront from the street or highway. 

Cabinet signs allow for more color and detail in the text and design, giving you more flexibility to customize your branding. High-quality cabinet signs are a great solution for businesses looking for a great design without paying the same amount of money as channel lettering.

They are also easier to install than some other types of signage because all electrical cords are concentrated in one area. Additionally, cabinet signage is typically corrosion-resistant.

Cabinet Signs in Greensboro

Are you looking for cabinet signs near you in Greensboro? The Carolina Signsmith offers craftsmanship, experience, and a commitment to making your cabinet signage stand out. Call today for a free quote or consultation on custom box signs.