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4 Tips for Creating Effective Dimensional Letters

Without proper signage, even the most well-designed business space can look cheap. Unfortunately, a negative first impression will hurt your company’s brand. If you’re concerned about budget, dimensional letters are a professional and affordable alternative to vinyl. This type of lettering demonstrates strength and permanency to your customers. Sign letters with dimensions are one of the most popular types for both indoor and outdoor signs.

The depth of 3D dimensional sign letters can quickly capture pedestrian and local commuters’ attention. But, not all dimensional letters are created equal. Here are four essential tips for creating effective dimensional letters for your business. These tips will help entice passersby into becoming new customers and keep your business thriving.

1. Choose a Material True to Your Brand

A professionally designed sign using custom dimensional letters that reflect your business’s unique brand will help you stand out from your competitors. Dimensional letters created using a material suited to your brand will be more representative of your message. Several materials are available for dimensional letters, but the most used are:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Light foam
  • Aluminum

If your brand has a creative flair, or if it suits your industry, the versatility of plastic may be the perfect option for you. If your brand is more timeless and sophisticated, you could choose to use a metal such as bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, or copper.

2. Choose a Design That Reflects Your Brand

Custom dimensional letters can be designed in any color, thickness, and shape to mimic your brand’s design. Creating a consistent branding message is key for fostering brand loyalty.

3. Keep Sign Location In Mind

To create effective dimensional sign letters, you’ll need to ask yourself some key questions. Your answers will help ensure their design suits the sign’s location. Will you use your dimensional letters in an interior or exterior sign? Who and where will the audience be? Your outdoor sign will need to be made of a durable material that can withstand environmental elements.

Whether indoors or out, you’ll also need to determine if your dimensional letters will have the benefit of natural light. If they will be in a dark space or you want them to be visible at night, you’ll need to consider front or backlighting options. Also, keep in mind that metals are reflective materials that can create an unpleasant and dangerous glare if the sun hits them at a certain angle.

4. Keep Your Budget In Mind

In general, plastic, acrylic, or foam materials will be the least expensive materials to use. But, if you wish to use metal, aluminum is a cost-effective and durable metal option. Follow these tips and engage the services of a professional sign company such as The Carolina Signsmith. We will make it easy for you to create a dimensional letter sign that will represent your business perfectly.

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